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Treating Depression with Escitalopram.png

Visual Communicator



Over the counter medications

Illustration | Infographic

Over the Counter Medications

An infographic that visually represents some over the counter medications used for common symptoms that are useful to have in your home. 

Fertility Lab

2D & 3D Animation

Master's Research Project

An animation for fertility patients designed to illuminate the "black box" of procedures in the fertility lab. 

Treating Depression with Escitalopram.png

Illustration | 3D Modelling

Treating Depression with Escitalopram

An editorial illustration that visually represents how escitalopram interacts with the serotonin transporter protein (SERT) to treat depression. 


Illustration | Info Visualization

The Pathology of Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

An editorial illustration that visually represents how chronic acid reflux progresses to gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), and can potentially lead to cancer.


Illustration | Info Visualization

Ankle Dorsiflexion & Lifting Mechanics

A series of powerpoint illustrations that visually represents how ankle dorsiflexion range of motion affect lifting mechanics.

Medical Legal.jpg

Illustration | Medical Legal

Seatle et al v. Purvis et al: Medical Legal Visualization

A medical legal illustration that visually represents the complex sequence of events that led to shoulder dystocia prior to the delivery of baby Connor Seatle.

Illustration | 3D Modelling

The Rotatory Motor of Bacterial Flagellum

A 3D editorial illustration that metaphorically represents a biological cell and its components with mechanical parts.

Skull copy.png

Anatomical Illustrations

Anatomy Projects

A series of anatomical illustrations that visually represent the anatomy of the human body. 


Hello, my name is Contessa!

I'm a visual communicator, knowledge translator, and patient educator based in Toronto. I completed a Masters of Science in Biomedical Communications (MScBMC) at the University of Toronto, and I currently work at Profound Medical as a Marketing Communications Specialist. 

I believe that working with your clients is the key to achieving effective communication, and creating thoughtful and impactful design solutions. 

I am a knowledge seeker and a problem solver with a diverse background in science, kinesiology, visual arts, and project management. I am passionate about patient education, and designing visual experiences that achieve effective knowledge translation and foster meaningful communication.


I would be very excited to create an experience that offers the best design solution for you.



Thanks for submitting!

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