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OTC Medications

 Adobe Illustrator
Understanding Over The Counter (OTC) medications, their generic and brand names, and when they should be used.
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Topic Selection

With so many OTC medications available, all with different brand names and generic names, it can be overwhelming to decide what medications to have in our medicine cabinets. This infographic is meant as a starting point of informed decision-making when purchasing over-the-counter medications.


This information is not a replacement for medical advice. Always read the medication label and consult your doctor or pharmacist if you have any questions about your health.

Problem Solving

The greatest challenge in this project was deciding on the colour scheme. Initially, I thought I could have a bright background and different colours for each of the medicine bottles. However, all of these colours became very distracting, making it hard to read the information. I wanted the eyes of the reader to easily identify the generic and brand names of each drug, and to make associations with these names so it can be easier to remember the information. I new that the generic and brand names of each drug had to stand out, and they needed to be a similar colour across all of the drugs in this infographic. Therefore, I made all the medicine bottles the same colour and changed the background to a soft and desaturated colour, so that it too would not be distracting and take away from the most important information. 

Want to learn more?

The content for this infographic was taken from eMedicineHealth. To learn more about OTC medications, click here:

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